HeartStitch® is reimagining the tools physicians have at their disposal for vascular and cardiovascular procedures—and is committed to revolutionizing cardiac surgery and cardiac interventions in the coming decade.  Improving patient outcomes, their overall clinical experience, and subsequent quality of life is central to our mission.

These goals can only be fulfilled by working in concert with the world’s most forward-looking doctors.  HeartStitch® working with the top physicians in structural heart disease, beginning with the NobleStitch™ EL and expanding with our other suture based products including the HeartStitch® TA, HeartStitch MR and other cardiovascular suturing devices.Through Q3 of 2017, more than 600 patients have been treated in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Switzerland, USA and Italy.

We consider innovation through making surgical procedures minimally invasive without introducing a significant change in the procedure to be the primary method of creating a medical device.  It is this creative principle which stands at the core of our company’s DNA, binding engineering, clinical expertise and design as one.  In order to expand the vision—and accelerate the timeline—of our product development process, HeartStitch® has recently launched an ambitious international expansion.  In addition to our Manufacturing and Research center in Southern California, we have expanded our Innovation Labs and international manufacturing and distribution centers in other parts of the world.

If you are a cardiac surgeon, interventional cardiologist, neurologist, academic, or medical-device engineer who shares our vision and commitment to rewriting the future of treatment of structural heart treatment, please contact us.