HeartStitch® TA


HeartStitch® TA

Less Invasive Vascular Sutures

The HeartStitch® TA delivers four sutures simultaneously to a remote vascular structure allowing the physician to approximate tissue and suture closed a defect.  The HeartStitch® TA includes a KwiKnot™ accessory for occasions when the physician chooses not to hand tie the knot.

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HeartStitch™ MR, and TA sizes are indicated for use in performing vascular stitching in general surgery, including endoscopic procedures. The HeartStitch MR, and TA are not intended for blind vascular closure. The device is not indicated for blind vascular closure. The HeartStitch MR, and TA are not indicated for use in blind settings where visualization techniques (optical, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, endoscopy etc.) are generally contraindicated or not feasible.The HeartStitch MR, and TA are is not indicated for use in sites where the tissue will not accommodate an adequate “bite” for suturing.

Covered by or for use under one or more of the following U.S. patents and their foreign counterparts: 6733509, 7803167, 8197497, 8469975, 8496676, 8709020, 9642616, 9649106, and 9706988.


HeartStitch® TA and accessories are FDA cleared for vascular suturing in the United States.

Covered by or for use under one or more of U.S. and international patents including U.S. Patent Nos. 5860990, 6117144, 6245079, 6551331, 6562052, 6733509, 7004952, 7090686, 7803167, 8197497, 8348962, 8469975, 8496676, and 8709020.